Rick Stratton:

Who pays these people to "Like" on Facebook?

August 21 2012

I've been doing several test ad campaigns on Facebook, in prepration for the launch of a new Feed.Us product. These are short, cheap campaigns to see how the ad system on Facebook works.  I've done several over the past few months.

And every time, I get some very random "Likes" for our "Page".  

Our product is a content management service for developers, designers and their clients. The ad clearly states it's for web stuff.  Yet the people who "Like" our stuff are not technical in any way.  

Many of these people don't look real.  Most do not seem to be from the US.

Of the last 20 people to "Like" our service, only one lists himself as a web designer (he had a web design degree).  

The other 19 have ZERO connection to the web industry.  

Many list their Likes on their public profile.  They seem to "Like" 3000-5000 worth of products and services.  

But a guy this morning TAKES THE CAKE.  I am now CONVINCED that people get paid to "Like" advertisers' Pages.

Below are several of the 40+ Likes he's added today (August 21).  Looks like he does 30-40 Likes per day.  Are all of these Pages currently in ad campaigns? 

Maybe he's not getting paid... why else would he Like all of these, every day?

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