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Who pays these people to "Like" on Facebook?

A brief history of the Tour

I Hate Google's Self Driving Car

How my comment on TechCrunch got me a Facebook Cease and Desist

iPad influenced design

1967 Shelby Mustang

Testing this thing 3! Lorem ipsum dolor...

Ferrari 330 GTO

1959 Abarth 750 Allemano Spider

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Awesome Veloce vintage car at Road America

I'm in Adwords hell

Thank you Google

Adwords ROI: use very specific phrases instead of words

Why I think Google is in trouble

SEO with Multiple domains to one site


Communicate and spread YOUR ideas

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GOOG 4th Quarter

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Listen & respond

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Google Yourself

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Stuff worth paying attention to

SNO is about YOU

Brewers and CC win versus Astros

Social Media Optimization / Social Networking Optimization

Oil will go to < $100/barrel

Another house project

Briggs CEO John Shiely on CNBC

Ryan Hunter Reay wins

Customer Frustration: TCF Bank

NBC rubs

The typepad conumdrum

More twitterbots

Santa Fe Century success

Santa Fe Century photos and videos

Santa Fe Century

xBox "This disk is unreadable" error

Todd Barry on Chipotle and McDonalds

I really heart SMS

New domains

College fight song MP3 Ringtones


Microsoft v. Yahoo

I'm becoming a liberal... noooo!!

If I was starting a company today, it would make mobile apps

I rant about MShoo

Congrats to Jesse and Sean

Blackberry applications

Cafe Press: hellooo?

Great quote from Howard Schultz

Congrats to Putin, the Time Mag person of the year

That boat that ran aground

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Random Monday Thoughts

Google wth?


New Feed.us addition

Turkish PM responds

Conn College Panel

Nice work doorman!

Armenian Genocide

Thoughts about Facebook

VooDoo economics: tax cuts lead to deficit reduction

I hate F.I.P.s

Strange things are afoot...

Software for the Blackberry

Thinking about my blogging

Thinking about adding video news?

6 years ago

Car lust: Ferrari Maranello

My fantasy team

The US Open

Javascripting Widgets

Oh my gosh this rocks

Sour Grapes

Customers actually win

The internet is amazing


The Internet is not a big truck

Nice work Nick

Try your best Wisco accent

Trying out a new application

Final Stage for the Tour

EAA plane crash

The All Drug Tour

What ESPN should do with Sportscenter

2007 Tour

ESPN - what ha ha happened?


The Beck-man's first fourth of july


Nice! Crew sends four to San Fran

Just try and get a refund from McAfee... we dare you!

Vista and Office 07

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Godaddy confuses me

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